Monday, December 27, 2010

Get current system date using java script in Selenium IDE

Hello Everyone,

In this blog the user will generate current system date using javascript as

Store ||  javascript{ ((new Date()).getMonth()+1)+'/'+(new Date()).getDate()+'/'+(new Date()).getFullYear()}  ||  Variable_name

 will generate the date as MM/DD/YYYY format

you can check it using following code of selenium

echo || ${Variable_name}  ||

Following is the screen shot of how to implement the above code

I hope this will help you in automation

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  1. Thanks. Do you have the JS to display date in with laeding zero for single digit date/month, like 06/08/2011

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  2. Use this

    javascript{var currentDate = new Date();var day = currentDate.getDate(); if (day < 10) { day = "0" + day }; var month = currentDate.getMonth() + 1; if (month < 10) { month = "0" + month };var year = currentDate.getFullYear(); curentDate=(day + "/" + month + "/" + year);}


  3. How would this JS be formatted in Selenium IDE?

  4. Hi,
    I'm a beginner in Selenium and I needed to verify current Date in a different format
    e.g. Thursday September 10, 2015
    So I modified the code mentioned above just a little bit
    javascript{(new Date()).getDay())+' '+((new Date()).getMonth()+1)+' '+(new Date()).getDate()+', '+(new Date()).getFullYear()}

    But, it threw an error
    [error] Unexpected Exception: SyntaxError: missing ; before statement.

    Can you please find out what is wrong in this code? I didn't see any semicolon in code mentioned above, so don't even know where to put one.
    Also, this would definitely not get me Day and Month name. Can you help?